El Soddy is the force of creation that together with El Jowry, Nyx, and other entities called Els, make up the TAO.

Convinced by Nyx and under orders from El Jowry, El Soddy creates a perfect world called Avant-garde, where peace, harmony and equality reign.

But he never imagined that he would pay a very expensive price for that creation: for the construction of this utopia, it is necessary to maintain a constant energy source. For this reason, the forces of the TAO betray El Soddy and condemn him to live trapped distributed within symbols and music, gifts of the beings who live in this paradise.

El Soddy is thirsty for revenge and awaits the right moment to break free from his prison and unmask the interests of El Jowry.

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El Soddy


In Popsicle City, the capital of the southern Avant-garde region, a mortal named Christian Marcé lives a double life: on one hand, he is an acclaimed musician with fame, money, and power. On the other, he is a refined black-market arts dealer.

It seems that Christian lives anyone's dream: he has success, wealth, and recognition. His bandit pursuit gives him adrenaline. However, they are merely facades that adorn his empty existence. Christian's life is meaningless.

Just when nothing matters to him anymore, Christian meets a mysterious woman who kindles his cold heart; but the closer he gets to her, the more the suspicion grows that this intense love will lead him to a precipitous death.



Against all possibilities, El Soddy and Christian Marcé will unite in their paths and form an alliance, embodied in CM Soddy, that promises to threaten the order of the TAO and life in the Avantgarde as it was known.

El Xhambala – El Xhambala - The history of the Els and what is "beyond".

El JowryEl Xhambala - The history of the Els and what is "beyond".

Avant-garde 20|XXHidden Readings.

Hoy no sé – Introduction - El Soddy.